Sophisticated Luxury with Warmth and Hospitality

Off the beaten track, away from the madding island crowds, there is a village called Ermioni. There, you’ll find Mourayio Bed and Breakfast offering simple, sophisticated luxury with warmth and hospitality designed to meet your every need.

möu-ra’yiō: gr. – a small, safe harbor…..


Rooms & Suites

Let your senses be renewed by a dawn that explodes like a volcano, igniting the morning sky - by fiery sunsets and full moons that still manage to take your breath away - by the wind of the northern meltemi that stirs up the scent of lingering pine on a hot dry night.



Breakfast at Mourayio is a feast of nature - join our other guests at a sit-down affair with homemade cakes, pastries, jellies and jams, local fresh fruit and a main course changing daily.



Ermioni lies on a tiny peninsula in the Argo-Saronic Gulf, 180 kilometers from Athens. It's an easy escape to a charming village of quiet narrow paths, back alleys, fishing boats, and cafés.

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How to get here

From Athens, Hellenic Seaways runs hydrofoils daily from Pireaus port to Ermioni ...

Mourayio’s Services

Mourayio's unique coastal position on the mainland affords unlimited possibilities for activity and leisure.